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The Registration Link for Masses from Saturday, July 4th through Friday, July 10th will become active at 10am on Thursday, July 2nd.  Please see Father Jeff's article below for more information.

For Masses Saturday, July 4th - Friday, July 10, please use this link.

For Mass on Friday, July 3rd, please use this link.


Updates from Fr. Jeff


Dear People of Christ the King Parish:

Thank you for keeping up with our faith.  We are in uncertain times, and our faith is a powerful foundation.  Different things are happening in our world right now that have caused much sadness.  We must remember that God is with us, and He has His eye on us, just as He has His eye on the sparrow.

This weekend is Father’s Day.  Happy Father’s Day to all our dads!  As a father, you are very important in your household.  A father sets the tone for the family.  We need good, strong, faith-filled families.  None of us are perfect, but that doesn’t mean we do not have the gift that God gives to each of us, to love and forgive.  To teach these things to our children is so important.  I know families are not what they were even 20 years ago—all the more reason to pay attention to ourselves as we look at “fatherhood”.  You who are parents, and I as a priest.  We must always be aware of personal accountability.  Our children see this and pick up on it.  Do not underestimate the power of who you are in your family.

This weekend our diocese is blessed to have 6 men ordained to the priesthood!  Please pray for them, as they are being ordained into a very different church than I was 30 years ago.  We are also remembering that our very own, Sam Conforti, is ordained as a Deacon!  Sam is assigned to the Cathedral in Joliet, and will be ordained a priest 11 months from now.  I know Sam holds Christ the King Parish very special to his heart.  He has a condominium here in the parish, and is proud to call this his home.

Beginning this weekend all people will come in through the narthex and check in near the baptismal font.  The lower level parking comes up the stairs or the elevator (only 2 people at a time), and the upper level people will come in through Door C-2 (Parish Life Center doors).  This will allow people from the upper level to enter the building and get in out of the elements as they wait to check in and be shown to their seat. 

Please remember doors will not open until 30 minutes before mass time.  The ideal time we prefer people to arrive is any time from 20 minutes before mass time to the time mass starts.

Please be advised the drinking fountains are not usable and the washrooms are for emergency use only.

Confessions have returned to the original time of 4:00-4:30 on Saturdays.  They may also be scheduled by appointment.

Also, this weekend, you will be able to exit through the narthex or one of the south doors (Door C-3 and Door C-4).

God bless you and your loved ones this Father’s Day weekend……..Fr. Jeff



To my dear parishioners of Christ the King Parish:

This weekend we celebrate Trinity Sunday—and begin the process of returning to church for confession and mass.  This has been a most unusual and difficult time for all of us.  One of the hardest things has been to be away from something so familiar and soothing that we know as “church” or Mass.  We have restrictions placed upon us by our Diocese to help with keeping us safe from the Covid-19 virus.  There are no guarantees.  Everyone is dispensed from the Sunday obligation to attend mass indefinitely.  The virus is out there and it is real.  We have taken steps to help stop the spread; however there is still a risk, especially with our vulnerable population.  If you choose to attend mass, we have some things that you need to be aware of.  Many will go with the flow.  Some will find these temporary restrictions to cause anxiety and frustration.  That is understandable.

For now, the weekend mass schedule is the same—Saturday @ 5:00 and Sunday @ 8:00, 10:00 and noon.  Weekdays, for now, are only on Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 8:30.

First, our seating is very limited (70) and will require you to make a reservation.  Vince has posted the information for you to make a reservation.  Beginning every Thursday at 10:00 a.m., reservations will be taken on a first come basis for the upcoming Saturday-Friday mass schedule by clicking the purple link above.  You will need a reservation to be seated.  The only doors open for admittance will be Door C-3 near the bell tower on the upper level, and Door C-1 for the lower level parking area.  Before entering the church you will need to present your reservation number.  You will then be shown the places to sit in the church which will be marked with green tape.  These are spaced 6 feet apart.  Families, couples or people living in the same household may sit together as a group.  Each person, however, will need a ticket number.  We have to watch our capacity.

Everyone must wear a mask when entering the building.  You will be given hand sanitizer when you come in.  There are no song books, missals or worship aids.  There will be music, but no singing.  The drinking fountains are sealed off.  There is no holy water.  We ask that the washrooms be used for emergency use only.  The priest will be the only person giving out communion.  You will come very slowly to communion with social distancing in mind, and will be given hand sanitizer once again.  Communion is only given in the hand.  You will be dismissed row by row.  There are no bulletins right now.  We have no chairs in the narthex. 

After you leave the building you are asked to leave the premises.  Our Greeters & Cleaners will begin to sanitize wherever you have been, and whatever has been touched in preparation for the next mass.

You do not need a reservation for confessions.  For now, confessions will be on Saturday from 3:30-4:30.  The sacrament of reconciliation will be taking place in the Parish Hall.  Please enter Door C-2.  A Greeter will give you hand sanitizer and direct you to the narthex.  There are no chairs in the narthex.  When you come into the Parish Hall you may go behind the screen or face to face.  You will be standing the whole time.  After you receive absolution and penance, please leave the building.  No one will be allowed in the church.

This is a work in progress.  With time, we will adjust and change.  For now, this is how we are starting out.  I thank you for your patience and your help.  We are blessed because of our Catholic Faith.  The Church has never had anything like this before in its history.  it is not just our parish or Diocese or Country, but the entire world.

God’s blessings upon you and your loved ones…………..Fr. Jeff


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4/28/2020--Announcement Regarding Father Peter Jarosz's Mass of Christian Burial

The Mass of Christian Burial for Father Peter Paul Jarosz, in accord with his specific request, will be on Friday, May 1st at 10:00am at the Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus. It will be live-streamed at https://youtube.com/dioceseofjolietil.

A Memorial Mass will be offered at Christ the King at a later date when we are able to gather together to celebrate Fr. Peter's life and ministry.


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