Altar Servers


Attention all 4th Graders

and Older and Families!


You and your entire family are invited to serve
your parish family as Altar Servers!

Serving at the Lord’s Table individually

or together as a family
is a great way grow and  learn your faith.


Altar Server Permission Form

Altar Server Training Manual 

To volunteer click here


Prayer of Altar Servers

Dear Lord Jesus, 
thank you for calling me to serve you at your Holy Altar during the celebration of the Eucharist.
I know that the priest takes your place when, together with your people and in the name of the Church, he makes present again your Passion, Death, and Resurrection. 
Help me to carry out my role in this memorial of the Last Supper with dignity and precision and with full interior
Let me so remain 
united with you on earth that I may one day share your glory in heaven.